Doula Services Testimonials

“I asked Dorin to be our doula before taking the Bradley birth class with her because we just had a connection from the moment we met. I had gone through a hard time leading up to my pregnancy as my mother was losing her fight with Hodgekins Lymphoma. I found out immediately following her passing that I was pregnant with baby number 5. We took Dorin's bradley class and that coupled with hiring her as a doula for this birth made this our most perfect birth ever.

Through out the process Dorin was there for us in many different ways. She is an amazing listener, never told us what to do, rather listened and informed us when needed. Dorin was prepared and willing to roll with whatever we decided was best for our birth. I went back and forth with home birth/ birth in my midwives office/ hospital birth and the week before I was due called her in tears. I was not at peace with my plans and felt called to make some changes. Dorin just rolled along with me and my indecision! She is prepared for anything.

I have a lot of knowledge but having a support person there for you and to back you and your husband up in whatever way necessary can make all of the difference. I had a beautiful birth and did a lot of my laboring on my own but the moment Dorin stepped into our room (the hospital wouldn't let her join us until they had a labor room for us but Dorin was there patiently waiting in the lobby) I had a release of emotion and tears filled my eyes because I knew with her support and that of my husband my team was complete and all would be okay. She encouraged us, jumped up on the bed to massage my legs when I had nerve pain right before delivering, and was just there throughout the entire process including after our delivery. Dorin has several gifts, humility, and of course her amazing skills that make her the best choice anyone could make when looking for a Doula!”
Posted 10/15/2013

Karen Tartamella

“My husband and I met Dorin in 2011 when we took her Bradley Method class. Although we did not use Dorin as our doula for the birth of our first child, her class gave us the knowledge and confidence we needed to help make our hospital birth a good experience.

In early 2013 I became pregnant again. My husband and I decided we wanted to plan a home birth. We knew right away that we wanted Dorin to be a part of our second birth and it was the best decision we made! Dorin was so compassionate and supportive throughout my entire pregnancy and after. She always made me feel welcome to call her with questions or concerns and during labor she was no doubt the glue that held me together. Dorin kept me focused, calm, even laughing at times. She gave me massages and kept me moving, we even danced! Dorin was 100% dedicated to me and it was because of her that our family was able to relax and enjoy the birth of our son in our home.

Dorin is knowledge and experienced and she is beyond dedicated to her families. We feel so blessed to have had her as our doula. Our only regret is we didn't ask her to attend our first birth!”

Posted 10/1/2013

Stacey Cox

“We are so glad that we hired Dorin to attend our birth. We were not planning on hiring a doula, but enjoyed Dorin so much through our Bradley class that we knew we wanted her to be a part of our birth team. It was a great decision because, looking back at our birth experience, I can't imagine what we would have done without her there! As a first time mom having a home birth, I felt a little scared and wanted another familiar face with me during labor. Dorin has great knowledge and experince with all kinds of births, and I knew that having her there would help me stay focused on the techniques that we covered in our Bradley class. Also, I thought Dorin's experience with hospital births might come in handy in case that was where we ended up! As first time parents, we wanted to have another advocate there for us in case something came up that we weren't prepared for or needed advice on. That day, Dorin ended up coming to our home at 4:30 am (on Labor day!) only to find my contractions had slowed down quite a bit. I felt bad having her there so early, but she was ready to go and got us started on doing some exercises and movements that helped start the contractions again. She joined me and my husband on a walk together that really got the labor started! She gave me confidence that we were doing what we could to make the labor process go as smoothly as possible. I have to say, one of my favorite parts about having Dorin there was the way she relaxed and massaged me during my contractions. I didn't have to say a word....she just knew when I was having one and knew just where to push on my back to help soothe the pain. I found myself needing her for each contraction! Our birth went great and we ended up having our baby boy at home. Dorin was amazing that day and I knew we made the right choice having her there. She was meant to be a part of our birth story.”

Posted 9/15/2013

Allison Brockman

“Dorin was our doula for the birth of our first son, and she also taught our Bradley classes. We knew from the moment that we met Dorin for an initial interview that she was the doula for us. We were also impressed by her calm, happy & confident demeanor and her experience; we called her from the parking lot to book her services! As our Bradley instructor, she was amazing. My husband and I were undecided as to our personal approach to the birthing process, and Dorin was fantastic at guiding (rather than dictating) our decision making process. She was an invaluable resource for all of our questions and we really enjoyed the time spent getting to know Dorin & the Bradley process. By the time we hit my due date, I felt so confident in my birth team and in myself. My husband and I decided to pursue a natural birth with minimal interventions thanks to this confidence, and Dorin helped us create a birth plan that expressed this intent. I went into labor a week over my due date, and Dorin was in close contact leading up to labor--visiting us at our home a week before. Once I was in labor, my husband called Dorin & kept her updated via text. After a few hours, Dorin came to our house to assess the situation & encouraged us to start to the hospital. When we got there, they were out of beds & nurses...Fortunately, we had Dorin! She made the best of the situation, using her knowledge of the hospital to help make me comfortable & to support my husband and I in my (very) active labor. After 17 hours of total labor, I gave birth to my son without any interventions, and Dorin was an integral part of our success. Her calm and knowledgeable assistance helped my husband and I to achieve such an amazing accomplishment. I will use her again if we have more children, and I would recommend Doula Dorin to anyone looking for an amazing birth experience!”

Posted 8/30/2013

Jennifer Peterson Benedict

“When we found out we were pregnant with our thrid baby we knew for certain we would hire Dorin as our doula again. We could only hope the birth of our third baby would be as incredible as our experience with the birth of our son, just 17 months prior. At our prenatal visit Dorin reminded us of many useful techniques and exercises to assist in moving the baby into the optimal position. Knowing our previous birth experience, Dorin was able to help prepare us for what to expect with the birth of baby number 3. Dorin goes above and beyond the call of duty; during the emotional last few weeks of my pregnancy I was able to turn to Dorin for her support and wisdom. My difficulty with the oppressive Houston heat and juggling my two other toddlers was mitigated by Dorin's encouraging words. I also attended Dorin's amazing Dancing for Birth (DFB) class just 6 days before giving birth. This one class was invaluable. During labor I applied many of the dance moves, especially moving my hips in a circular motion during contractions, as well as, numerous relaxation techniques practiced in the class. The most influential however was the African dance moves and the connection I felt to pregnant woman and mothers both in the class and around the world. Their strength, courage and bravery was a source that I drew from during my most challenging contractions. This empowering feeling along with the support of my husband and Dorin enabled me to have the unmedicated, Bradley birth we had hoped for. During labor, Dorin provided hands on assistance by doing pelvic presses or hip squeezes during contractions. Her intuition and experience helped her anticipate my needs without interrupting my husband's coaching. Dorin's professionalism and kindness greatly enhanced our experience of welcoming both our son and now our beautiful and healthy 9 pound daughter into this world.”

Posted 8/13/2013

Molly England

“Like many others, my husband and I met Dorin through her Bradley class. I was immediately drawn to her upbeat, laid back style of teaching. She made the classes entertaining and made both of us feel right at home almost immediately. It was also very obvious that she knows her stuff! She's an avid learner, is obviously very passionate about her work, and continues to seek new knowledge and understand the new research so that she can apply it to her classes and to her birth clients. Even though she encourages everyone to interview others before deciding, I knew right away I wanted her as my doula. The thing you should know about Dorin's "style" as a doula is that she is 100% committed to your birth. She has no agendas, she acts as your advocate every step of the way. I also think her gentle, friendly personality helps when dealing with hospital staff (we had our birth at a hospital) that may not be used to seeing doulas in action. I think that is a key quality - you certainly want the hospital staff on your side, and Dorin wins them over pretty easily. Even though my labor was fast and furious (about 5 hours total), and the on-call doctor was not supportive of some of our birth plan requests, Dorin's presence and help cannot be understated. Much of my confidence during labor was rooted in her presence. I felt reassured that no matter what happened, I could count on Dorin to help my husband and I work our way through it. She certainly helped keep both of us calm during the chaos that is labor and delivery! I have no doubt that she was instrumental in the the successful, natural birth of our first baby.“

Posted 5/2/2013

Regan Jacks

“My husband and I first met Dorin back in February of 2011 when we were pregnant with our first son, Noah. We had found her through her Bradley Techniques Birthing Classes that she offered. After going to just one class and learning that she was also a doula, we immediately wanted her at our first birth. Unfortunately, she was going to be on vacation with her family the month that we were due. Our first birth at home went perfectly, largely in part to the knowledge we gained through her classes. When we decided to try for another baby after our first son was only 7 months old we already made plans to seek out Dorin for our doula when we would become pregnant.

In February of 2012 we tested positive for another blessing! Immediately we called Dorin and she excitingly said yes to be our Doula! My second pregnancy was more physically demanding as I developed bad varicose veins and had painful nerve problems in my back. Dorin referred me to an excellent chiropractor who gave me wonderful care which took care of my nerve problems. Dorin was also there to help me through the difficult days that the varicose veins brought me. She came to our house to check on me, offered advice to help ease the pain and gave me strength when I thought I could not make it thru this process, especially with a toddler running around!”

Posted 1/3/2013

Rachelle Dooley

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I took Dorin's Bradley class. She is an excellent teacher, and we both felt prepared for anything. I had a wonderful birth experience, with thanks to the knowledge I gained in class. With my second child, we hired Dorin to be our doula, and it was an amazing experience. She made sure she understood our desires and expectations for the birth, so she could help us achieve the birth we wanted. Dorin was very active in the birth room, but she never overstepped or made my husband feel unneeded. With Dorin's help, I had another beautiful experience. And, as a bonus, she is an excellent photographer!”

Posted 12/31/2012

Melissa Ashford

“Our experience was excellent. Our positive experience arose from three different areas. First, Dorin's knowlede was impressive and helpful. For someone without a medical background, her knowledge concerning the physiology of pregnancy and the birth experience was outstanding and accurate. Moreover, her knowlede of Bradley methods for pregnancy and the birth experience was excellent, and she reinforced the Bradley concepts with examples from previous births she had attended. As a teacher, Dorin was quite sophisticated. She is acutely aware of how people learn, and made valiant efforts to make the course content understandable while engaging at the same time. As educators, we were very impressed by her teaching abilities. Secondly, Dorin provided much needed emotional support to both of us. Leading up to the birth experience, she was methodical in determining what our wishes were for our birth experience, and followed through on them. She helped us dispell our misconceptions, and provided helpful commentary and advice in preparing for the birth of our daughter. Moreover, her presence at the birth was reassuring and comforting when things did not go according to our birth plan. She spoke on our behalf as a true advocate for our wishes. Now that it is all over, we consider her a true friend. Third, Dorin is genuine and is truly passionate about her responsibilities as a Doula. Her level of professionalism is, in our opinion, unmatched by others we have hired to assist us with important milestones in our lives. We highly recommend Dorin to anyone interested in having the support of a Doula at their birth. We will always remember our birth experience fondly, and Dorin will be part of that cherished memory. When we become pregnant again in the future, we will not hesitate to include her in our experience.”

Posted 11/8/2012

Christine and Jerry Johnson

“We owe so much of our successful birth story to Dorin. We chose her because of her upbeat, knowledgeable, friendly and professional attitude. We got to know her through our Bradley class (she was our instructor) and decided she would be the perfect fit for our birth team. Dorin made sure to keep in touch regularly throughout my pregnancy and was always willing to offer advice. When my water broke I called Dorin immediatley to figure out our plan and when the time came to go to the hospital she was ready and willing to come meet us as soon as we wanted her there. I don't think we could have had the natural birth we wanted without the support and knowlegdge Dorin offered every step of the way.”

Posted 11/2/2012

Christina Hallmark

“The birth of your first child is both a time for excitement and a time for great apprehension. When my wife Meghan approached me with the idea of delivering naturally I was definitely supportive, but knew that we would have to assemble a support team that would help us learn and make the right decisions for our new family. Our friends recommended that we take a Bradley Method course with Dorin Jordan so we signed up for the private course. It was immediately evident that Dorin was an expert in her field, was informative, flexible and a real pleasure to be around. All of these professional and personal characteristics made it an easy decision to ask Dorin to continue on after the course as our doula. If the course was an A the doula services earned an A++. We could not have done it without her, from the Pre birth visits to the 23 hrs of support during the delivery of our 9 lb 14 oz baby girl Londyn, she exceeded our expectations. I would recommend Dorin to any family thinking about giving birth naturally - from both an education and doula services perspective.”

Meghan and Charles Whiteley

Posted 11/2/2012

Meghan Whiteley

“I had wanted a natural labor with my first son but went into it completely uneducated. I lasted 12 hours and when they told me I was only five centimeters dialated, I promptly asked for my epidural. When I became pregnant for the second time, I knew I had to be prepared if I had any chance of meeting my goals for labor. I found a midwife that would deliver at a hospital and then after discussing things with my husband, decided I needed a doula. My midwife said she had worked with Dorin and really enjoyed her. From my first e-mail correspondence with Dorin, I felt immediately comfortable. She is warm and very knowledgeable. When we first met, I found myself talking to her like we were old friends. She completely understood what I wanted from my birth experience and always made me feel as if she was there for me. Through our meetings and the books and DVD's Dorin loaned me, I felt so much more prepared with this baby in comparison to my first labor. When I did go into labor, Dorin was there for me completely. She applied back pressure to me for each and every contraction. I told her afterwards that it was as if she was holding me together, keeping me from ripping apart with every contraction. Everyone in my family loved her. My husband said she was the perfect balance of support without being intrusive. My labor nurse was skeptical of her presence but soon warmed to her. She had a calming effect on all of us. The only time I "lost it" was while I was pushing. I looked at her and said, "I can't do this." She told me, "You haven't had any control over these contractions but now you are in control. You are the only one that can push out this baby. You can do this. You have to." And I did do it. I gave birth to a gorgeous, healthy baby boy and Dorin will always be remembered as a beautiful part of his birth. She is truly amazing.”
Posted 10/27/2012

Beri Ruggeri

“My experience with Dorin is truly remarkable. She helped me have the natural unmedicated birth that I wanted. She is very warm and caring, the perfect support person during labor. She truly listens to my desires and fears and makes sures that my needs and desires are addressed. She is extremely knowledgable about birthing and has a lot of tips and tricks on how to ease labor pains. She is very encouraging and its so easy to talk to her and be at ease with her. She was always there for me during pregnancy and all through labor and birth. I felt so much more confident going through birthing for the first time because of Dorin. Dorin also works very well with the hospital staff and they all love working with her. My husband and I are very blessed to have met her and have her with us on our first birthing experience. She will always be remembered as a wonderful part of my birthing experience.”

Posted 10/15/2012

johanna gamblin

“Getting pregnant for the first time made me read a lot about pregnancy and labor from books and online resources. But we didn't feel comfortable and ready for the future until my husband and I attended Dorin's childbirth classes. Her knowledge, ability to communicate well and warm personality made her the person I trusted the most all through my journey to parenthood. Her calming presence is what I love the most. Whenever I had doubts or fears about the baby, she was always a phone call away with the right answers and assurance.
Although I had to have a C-section because of breech baby, Dorin was next to me all the time she could (she wasn't allowed into the OR), helping me at every step. She took beautiful and memorable pictures of our baby and us in the recovery room and that's another thing I'm thankful for. She also helped me with breastfeeding, at the hospital and at home during postpartum visits. Pregnancy is a big change, but postpartum is the period when you really understand the mental shift. And her support helped me cope with that change. I can definitely say that without her, pregnancy and childbirth would have been a lot harder to deal with. Besides her sweet nature, her love and passion for her work is what makes her one of the best in her field.

My husband's testimonial -
We had a tough time towards the end of pregnancy because of breech position of the baby. My wife was really worried and stressed out. That was when we decided that we needed Dorin as our doula and it was very nice of her to accept us on such a short notice. The best thing was, my wife was always relieved and had a smile on her face after talking to Dorin. The whole pregnancy and childbirth experience was much more delightful because of Dorin.”

Posted 5/15/2012

Ajita Muppalaneni

“I am so thankful that my husband and I decided to hire a doula to help with a natural labor, and I'm even more thankful that we found Dorin. Her gentle, reassuring presence helped me push through contractions in a difficult labor that lasted over 46 hours. Not only did I have a marathon labor due to my posterior baby, but my labor began on Dorin's birthday (Nov. 17) and continued through the entire next day which was her young son's birthday! However, Dorin still came to our home and focused completely on me and my labor. She was very professional and was knowledgeable in the various positions to get my baby turned in the right direction. Dorin also teaches a Bradley method natural labor class, so she is well-read in the field. I felt comfortable with Dorin and I was put at ease when I saw how well/respectfully she worked with my husband, midwife, and the hospital's nurses. Dorin was never pushy with the hospital staff. All the nurses afterwards told me that she was the best doula they had worked with! Dorin truly "gets it" that having a baby takes a strong, supportive team; she focused completely on making me as comfortable as possible, sharing with me her expertise about labor positions, contractions and birth, and blending well with everyone involved with my daughter's birth. I was so pleased with how my labor went, and I would not hesitate to hire her again for our next child's birth.”

Posted 4/9/2012

Lindsay C

“My experience with Dorin was a full experience. By that I mean that in the beginning I was wary of the role I would play with Dorininvolved in the birth of my child. I was supposed to be involved - yet so was she. However, over time I grew to see the different role that dad and doula play in the birth. Dorin was a professional advocate. As much as dads want to be 100% advocates during birth, it is really difficult to stay focused especially during labor. That is where Dorin was really instrumental in supporting both my wife and me. She knew what we wanted, how to help us, and her only role was to keep us aware, involved, and focused. She wasn't worried about installing a car seat for the first time or paying the hospital bill, she was just worried about us. I went in to this not really knowing how much she would help - but we will hire her again, because every mom and dad to be need as much support as they can get.”

Posted 4/3/2012


“Our experience with Dorin was absolutely delightful. We hired her for the birth of our 2nd child, but our 1st non-medicated birth. We got to know each other very well during the prenatal visits, and we immediately felt a connection to Dorin during our first meeting. She was a wealth of knowledge during the prenatal visits, helping us to prepare mentally and physically for the birth. I cannot express how helpful she was during the birth. We took a Bradley course, so my husband was a very active participant in the birth of our son. Dorin did not take away from his role at all; but rather, she augmented it with her sweet, calming presence, verbal reassurance, and physical touch. She was full of techniques to help me through the contractions. She knew just what to say and what to do to help me cope with the pain. There were so many things she did to help that my husband would not have had the time or knowledge to do, from keeping me hydrated to helping communicate with the midwife and staff, and so much more. Our birth went beautifully. It was exactly what we wanted, and Dorin was a huge part of that. We will definitely hire her again next time. We are so grateful to have met her and invited her to the birth of our precious son.”

Posted 4/3/2012

Ali Flores

“Having Dorin as our doula was a wonderful experience. Her support she gave us the confidence to approach our son’s birth not with anxiety but with only joy and anticipation. Not only did we feel much more prepared for the events of the labor, birth and bringing home our new baby, but we were thrilled to have her support in the delivery room to keep us and the hospital staff focused on the birth we hoped to have. She was also extremely helpful in providing my wife with effective breast feeding techniques. We would absolutely recommend having Dorin be a part of your birth experience.”
Posted 3/23/2012

Richard, Allison and Baby Trey

“Our overall experience with choosing Dorin as our Doula was remarkable. From preparing for the birth to the actual event and postpartum she was there for us in every possible way. She was professional, encouraging and her knowledge base was very comforting. Her recommendations leading up to the birth of our son helped prepared me physically and emotionally to have a non medicated vaginal birth. I never thought that a doula could make such a difference but she did. We were so grateful that we decided to work with Dorin and will definately use her again.”

Posted 3/20/2012

Allison Borski

“I cannot say enough good things about Dorin's doula services. She spent time with us before the birth, educating us and helping us prepare. It really takes more than one person to support a laboring woman, and she was a huge support to both me and my husband in the hospital. One of the invaluable things Dorin brings to the table is her breastfeeding expertise. One thing the hospitals don't tell you is that the lactation consultants work normal business hours. I had my baby at midnight-there is no way our breastfeeding relationship would have gotten going as smoothly as it did unless Dorin was there. Despite reading several books, I had no idea what I was doing and Dorin's instruction and advice were priceless. Above all, Dorin is compassionate and caring and would be an asset to any birth team!”
Posted 3/18/2012

As a first time dad-to-be, Dorin helped me understand all that my wife would be going through in labor and helped me learn the best ways to support her. It was also nice at times for my wife to have someone besides me for support, another woman to call and ask questions of at any time. Dorin was a huge support to us both during and after the labor and delivery.
Posted 3/18/2012

Our experience with Dorin was invaluable. Our first child was born naturally in the hospital with the support of a Doula and we were hoping to have a similar experience with our second; Dorin helped make that possible. We are Bradley trained parents and were hoping to find a Doula that would support our birth plan. We met Dorin and we were immediately drawn to her warmth and confidence. Her knowledge of the birth process was unfaltering. We were able to really get to know Dorin during our prenatal visits, which helped to build a strong rapport and prepare us for the intimate experience of birth. Dorin made it clear that she was always available to answer questions or just listen. Dorin’s expertise as a Bradley instructor and her continued learning helped my husband and I refresh our Bradley knowledge and feel more confident in preparing for labor. The night I went into labor my husband and I were fortunate enough to labor mostly at home. We kept in contact with Dorin throughout the night and once we decided we needed her assistance we all headed to the hospital. Dorin was an immense help in alleviating the pain of contractions with pelvic presses as well as liaising with the hospital staff whilst my husband continued to support me through my most difficult contractions. Dorin was respectful of mine and my husband’s ability to support each other through labor whilst simultaneously anticipating and meeting our needs. We highly recommend Dorin as a Doula; she played a vital role in our son’s joyous arrival into this world.

Posted 3/15/2012

Dorin was our doula for our second child, and her contribution to our birth experience was wonderful. She educated us during my pregnancy and was a wealth of valuable information. She is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about her role in helping families achieve their birth goals. She was always available for questions and advice. My first labor was not what I had planned for or hoped for, so I decided to educate myself for the second time around, and my second labor was as smooth as I could have ever hoped for. I felt so much more in control the second time around, and part of the reason was that Dorin had helped me feel confident in my abilities. Everything went so smoothly, in fact, that we were only at the hospital 1.5 hours before I delivered. Although she was only with us at the hospital for a short time, Dorin's presence was invaluable. She was assured and confident and at the same time very calming. With Dorin there, I knew I had someone looking out for my family's best interest. She knew how to talk me through contractions in a way that no nurse or family member was able to do. After the delivery, she talked with us, took photos of our family, and didn't leave the hospital until we were ready for her to go. In the following weeks, she visited us, called and emailed to check on our status and make sure things were going smoothly with our family. I highly recommend Dorin Jordan to anyone in the area who is looking for a competent, compassionate, knowledgeable doula.

Posted 3/15/2012