Bradley Class Testimonials

“I found that Dorin’s classes offered me answers to all the questions I had about childbirth and beyond. She focused on diet and exercise but went on to topics that I had never really given much thought about. The classes however, were much more than all the wealth of information I received. I received confidence and comfort in my pregnancy. I found empowerment with Dorin. She is another strong women offering education and comfort to any other woman who is willing to learn. I have to thank Dorin for her support, for all she is. She is a beautiful women that helps other women to see their own strength and helped me accomplish the most amazing moment of my life.”

Daniel and Christy

“My husband and I highly recommend the Bradley® course to any couple preparing for the birth of their child. More importantly we specifically recommend Dorin as the instructor. She not only ensures that you are prepared but cares about you as a couple and about the birth of your child.”

Sean and Jenny

“Dorin’s classes were jam packed with information, they were enjoyable and never dull, they were interactive and motivating, and they taught me everything I needed to know in preparation for my birth and baby.”

Todd and Leslie

“The education, preparedness, and confidence of having a healthy pregnancy and natural birth that The Bradley Method® provided was invaluable. And, it worked!”

Joel and Theresa

“I want to thank you for the Bradley® classes – I can’t imagine having a baby any other way. Thank you for the knowledge – it makes such a big difference!”

Kishan and Mona